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Kurator Iskusstvovedov (pun: Curator of Art Critics) - alter ego - a constructed character from the field of modern Belarusian art criticism. He graduated from the magistracy with a degree in art history (topic: Transitional states in the landscape painting of Belarus at the end of the 20th - beginning of the 21st centuries) and postgraduate studies (qualification: researcher of culture). He develops his activity in writing texts on topical topics of the art of Belarus and creating documentaries, interviews, video essays.
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"Curious Criticism"

Cropping symptoms

Bypassing the detective story of cropping a painting that can be quite prosaic, the Kurator Iskusstvovedov wondered about framing. Framing as a special phenomenon. In his new text from our Curious Criticism column, Kurator Iskusstvovedov approaches this phenomenon from non-obvious points, perhaps even provocative in places.

"Curious Criticism"

Fill with content. Kurator Iskusstvovedov about Minsk painted cabinets

Various drawings and compositions began to appear on metal cabinets all over Minsk. According to UE "Mingorsvet", control and power supply facilities for outdoor lighting are painted "to improve the aesthetic appearance of the capital, its streets, squares, parks, squares, etc." In total, there are about 120 of them in the city. For Chrysalis Mag Kurator Iskusstvovedov, a researcher of the visual culture of modern Belarus, theorizes an updated way of designing new “art objects” of the capital.

"Curious Criticism"

Where? In the open air! "There is no one here" as part of the landscape

In a new text from the Curious Criticism heading, Kurator Iskusstvovedov discusses the dichotomy of the presence-absence of a person in landscape motifs in modern Belarusian painting, introduces the concept of "helicopter optics" and emphasizes the importance of a different look at traditional landscape painting.