updated 06.2022
1996 born in a village Poddubye near Mogilev, Belarus.
2017 graduated from BSU of Culture and Arts (cultural specialist-manager).
2018 completed Master's degree (Art history)
2018-2021 postgraduate study (cultural Studies).
Since 2018, I have been engaged in art practice.
Since 2019, I have been working as a set designer in theater projects.

"Look at your home", Minsk, Gallery of the University of Culture
"Vtsekhovannye", Minsk, Cultural hub Ok16.
"Don't stand up for the fields", Minsk, Cultural Hub OK16.
and a parallel program of the Biennale of Young Art in Kharkiv (Ukraine).
OK Adamov (online exhibition supported by the Ok16 cultural hub, Minsk:
When the sun is low - the shadows are long” (collective exhibition, Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig)

"M." 2019, Cultural Hub OK16, Minsk (dir. N. Ilinchik)
"God rides a Bicycle" 2020, Mogilev Drama Theater, Mogilev (dir. P. Dobrovolskaya)
"Deja vu" 2020, Mogilev Regional Drama and Comedy Theater named after V. I. Dunin-Marcinkevich, Bobruisk (dir. E. Davidenko)
"Ave, Richard" 2020, Chamber Drama Theater, Minsk (dir. E. Mashkovich)
«Alisa» 2021, Drugi paverh (dir. E. Davidenko)