Polish-Belarusian project

The text and performance "Emma" is the fourth edition of the work of Belarusian playwright and director Mikita Ilyinchyk in Poland. The main inspiration of the text is the idea of "profit in wartime." This idea has its own artistic history: B. Brecht and his play "Mother Courage" - written after World War II, telling the story of a woman who travels around Europe during the ''Thirty Years' War' and sells things to the needy. In this way, Brecht's heroine seems to live through the war. The author's goal is to create a text and a play that deals with this subject and is related to the real history of our time. The drama touches on the subject of modern European society, specifically the Poles. The main character is the titular Emma, an immigrant from Belarus and owner of a construction company in Warsaw. All the builders who work for her are refugees who came to Poland from the former eastern borderlands. Thanks to them, she runs her own, prosperous, business.


Vika Adamava

3d sketch