"Europe, welcome the migrant!" (Wspólna 63, Warszawa) 110*84 cm

Walking one day with Marcel along the tracks, we came across a sleeping man who was lying in a pipe tightly covered on the other side. It was once, a relatively long time ago and never happened again.
The tracks run from the children's railway, along the park and near a new, significantly bulging residential complex. With such a set of prerequisites, when they unfold linearly and in front of your own eyes, you feel like a zombie - life is up there, and here you have to tread behind the fence, fighting for existence.

Well, these are quick visual impressions.

And the house.. yes, it is such a dynamic concept. As a child, it looks like places with photos I immediately imagined as not equipped dwellings - there to attach a door, there to bring electricity, there to cut a hole for light and fresh air and it seems possible to live. You can live.

- Where are you going?
- Home!
- Where??
- Independence Avenue 84d. D means home!
Orientation on the terrain
Turned a useless flagpole into a mysterious, but no more useful pointer. 33 hypertrophied index fingers from plaster poke in all 33 directions, as if you can see something interesting there. "Look here! On the right! There! Hey, there! Behind you! Well, wooooo! That's it! Over here! Right here! Look at this! Ahead! Here! From there! Up there! On the left!". As if

To navigate the terrain means to find the direction of the sides of the horizon and your location relative to the surrounding local objects and landforms.
In times of great dilemmas, there are no unnecessary questions, there are not enough answers.
To the question - should I start from the beginning? - traditionally, you can answer either "yes" or "no". But what if you sincerely do not understand where the beginning is, what was in the beginning, whether there will be a beginning that is hidden under this word, whether, in the end, the beginning of the beginning will not come without you. All this is fantasy. However, there are few places where you can find a really simple and popular answer "I don't know" (except in school tests from a psychologist).
Initially, when I saw the pixel-ceramic wall, I thought to make a "game over" on it. After that, this idea seemed either overly decorative, or flat and definitely inappropriate. I wanted to leave the opportunity to go to the beginning, or rather the choice - to go to it, or not, or it is legitimate not to know whether to do anything.
The wall is located in the town of Myadel, blue enamel.
Figurine coloring book "Vase"
Let's talk a little bit about the great fractal similarities and their conceptual development in the practice of ennobling the city!
We are already used to meadows/fields/forests in parks and near them, but the building is at the foot of the same building.. agree, it's interesting. If I worked more often in an urban environment, maybe I would have reached such a job, after all, it is close to me in ease and irony. But even if the bulk of the work had been done by me, I would have brought the matter to an end - I would also have entered this special shield)) Getting better!

To understand what we are dealing with now, when we look at it, I quote a citrate:

"According to the conducted research, considering fractal structures increases stress resistance by 60%, measured on the basis of physiological indicators. When contemplating fractals in the frontal cortex of the brain, the activity of alpha waves increases in just one minute - as during meditation or when feeling slightly drowsy." (Contemplation of the great fractal similarity, )
Have a nice contemplation!
The present is not real
The alternative route - from the present to some unreal - is, of course, a trivial trick. We are not carried anywhere except to the non-present time. But the fact that this gesture opens a gap into the realm of the fantastic, unreal (choose the noun yourself) - for me it became a sufficient reason to do this work.
Broadcast of bus work in Texas.
Curator and author of the video Mishiko Sulakauri | 2021
Announcement at the entrance of the house on Yakub Kolas str., 4
Decorated the undefeatable/indestructible/elusive. It was always funny how white sheets were molded on top of freshly painted benches, and then torn off, leaving scraps of paper after that.