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Figurine-coloring "Vase"

They say they used to be yellow...
I made a coloring figurine for all those who are ready to create and re-create the world around him! In the standard set you get the figurine itself, a brush, a jar of yellow paint and a decoding instruction. Of course, you can complete the set according to your desires, add the necessary, even the most daring colors.
If someone doesn't know or doesn't remember the history of the yellow vases, there are three options: read about it on the internet, ask me, or buy this, as they say in TV ads, wonderful set!

Antistress Zip-lock

Anti-stress zipper lock - your stress is blocked! A new addition to the series, not related to toys, is almost two hundred zip lock clips, which are famous for the organic pleasantness of closing / opening. A good anti-stress in a convenient package that you can always take with you on a trip and stop worrying: are you going there? With these people? Is it from there?

Cubes "Personal monument"
The "Personal Monument" is a 10-fold reduced copy of the transformer sculpture from Mikhail Gulin's campaign of the same name. The action took place in 2012 in the city of Minsk. Those who do not know the history or would like to understand it better - the information is in the public domain. I will just note that the rethinking of the personal monument was based on thinking about public and personal space. And if the establishment of the Gulin monument in the urban environment once again stated the nationalization of public space with the blocking of personal initiatives, then the transfer of the monument home, into personal space casts doubt on the existence of any "personal".

The set includes: three pink cubes, one yellow parallelepiped, 6 postcards-instructions, instructions-context. Size 12*8*5 see
Mosaic "Fatern-pattern"
This is a miniature set of used paving tiles. All that is in this set: the tile itself in two shades and instructions for laying patterns. You can practice a little in the beauty of laying tiles and meditate by collecting / sorting combinations.
"Evacuation Plan"
The player controls a small ball, which by rolling should get from the center closer to the borders!
In words "I write beautifully!"
Write in the oblique ruler
Notebook "Areas of influence"
12 sheets, divided into 4 games, for which we sometimes spent our time. "Tic-tac-toe" turned into a resolution of the conflict over disputed territories: you choose a color and establish the control influence of a particular country. The "sea battle" is almost classic, but the entire territory covered with water becomes a platform for combat. "Dots" represent a game of capturing continents. And the "Tankers" turned into a battle to shoot enemy drones. Each game is equipped with a short explanation, slightly complicated, but the mechanics are left at an understandable, well-known level!
A non-toy with a therapeutic effect and a concise design. It was created on the basis of tag - collecting with mirror segments.
Tangramarble is a non-toy based on the traditional Tangram game. These are several geometric figures, from which you can add a large number of shapes, objects. In my set there is the game itself, consisting of plastic figures "like marble" and several cards with figures-schemes that need to be collected. The Tangramarble game refers to Sergey Shabokhin's cycle "Social Marble", "based on observations of the cleaning practice of the Minsk metro. Unable to wash off the caustic pigments of graffiti applied to the marble walls of underground passages in the subway, employees of this service began to glue their film with the image of a marble texture. Such a film is often used to protect kitchen countertops, counters and other items - it is a budget and affordable "social marble" for everyone. Objects from the cycle "Social Marble" pretend to be marble and tell about modern myths of Belarus and historical fakes" ( ). The schemes in the set similarly pretend to be marble and require filling, "gluing", appeal to attention, so necessary in a situation of information space overload!
The "Dead End" puzzle
The puzzle "Dead End" is a new non-toy in an already quite extensive series.
Everything is traditional - you need to get out of a difficult situation, which in this case is somewhat complicated by additional obstacles on the way.
Rotakey originates in the principles of the game from the 70s of the last century called rotadraw, which is a set of circles with holes, progressively drawing which, a graphic image is obtained. One circle is one image (you will find this game by request of rotadraw). The process of such drawing looks very sticky, the disk rotates like a safe disk, and in the end an extremely simple image is obtained - too simple magic)) Kirill showed me this process, after which we spent several hours in a dialogue about why it's so sticky and what potential lurks in circles (Kirill, thank you again, and let's not lose touch). Plus, by that time I already had some desire to make a toy about encryption - so it apparently came together!
Three discs with a diameter of 20 cm, made of plexiglass. Each one has special symbols - uppercase Latin and small letters, numbers and special symbols. Instructions in 4 lessons that teach encryption and decryption - the first three lessons will allow you to recreate the story in its graphical representation, and the last lesson - a super game - crowns the learning process and contains a surprise.
Having played enough, a person gets the necessary skills to easily encrypt some messages and, importantly, passwords that are difficult to remember! After all, how nice it is to have a light abstraction on the wall in a frame and understand that the password is always in sight and at the same time so far from someone else's understanding!

Set of "JNK"
"JNK" is a new non-toy, or rather a whole set for creativity!
In front of you is a 35 * 35 cm box, densely packed with various things (eyes, flowers, ribbons, hats, glasses, wire, beads and much more) - and all this in order to create and recreate a personal installation. The basis is small-sized bales, and everything else is to the best of your imagination! With a fairly detailed filling of the box, surrounding and personal objects can be launched in the course of creating sculptures. As often happens with my toys, no direct instructions, just hints) so go ahead, to the harvest festival and the celebration of fantasy!!
Transfer coloring book
"From dawn to dusk 12 times"
The set includes 12 template sheets with one or another shade of color spot, several white sheets and a set of markers. The mechanics are extremely simple: we take one template, put it under a white sheet, lean it against the window, find the shade corresponding to the number and carefully trace all the spots. Applying to the window, we will see all the nuances more clearly! Then, by changing the template, we achieve a complete filling of the white sheet - a landscape motif with a bright sun, clear sky and smooth water. A motif that speaks softly about the charm of the native land, freedom and peace of mind (see photo 7).
Simple Dimple Nostalgia
It has anti-stress characteristics due to the soft touch of silicone, ergonomic shape and non-provocative, delicate shades.

Inspired by an image from a painting
Portrait présumé de Gabrielle d’Estrées et de sa sœur la duchesse de Villars.

The first photo - Tanya Braginskaya
Soap bubbles
"What's on the course?"
Another non-toy that can boast of its concise form and capacious content.
"What's the exchange rate?" - a bottle of soap bubbles, where a frivolous process turns into a symbolic procession - currency exchange operations!
There is a small circulation, the price for bubbles is not democratic, but for a separate thing from a series of non-toys, it is quite $ 10 (or what is there at the exchange rate?)
Skipping rope "It is necessary to train"
limited edition


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